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Raminfotech Laptop Service Chennai Pvt Ltd -Is Exclusive Repair Center located in Adyar chennai For over 15 year 2007 since This Shop our team has provided hp laptop Dell Laptop Acer Laptop Asus Laptop Apple Laptop sony Laptop samsung laptop Lenovo Laptop chipLevel Broken Bga Laptop Spares sales our professionals have provided Raminfotech Laptop Service Chennai Pvt Ltd Adyar Near Are Also doing hp dell acer Lenovo Asus Apple Mac Sony samsung Laptop Service center adyar chennai Laptop Services Laptop Screen Replacement, Hard Disk Service, Laptop Hinges work, Laptop Chip Level All Job Gbs Tracking system whatsapp Send any More infomation visit Store-







Service List 

 Laptop Problems


Laptop Audio not working.

Laptop Battery not charging

Laptop Hard drives crashes

Laptop Keyboard control section problem

Laptop Memory control section problem.

Laptop Natural disasters

Laptop No display.

Laptop Partition corruption

Laptop Repair

Laptop Serial port not working.

Laptop Spares part

Laptop System getting hang.

Laptop System getting mute

Laptop Usb port not working.

Laptop Virus attacks.

Laptop system dead.

Liquid Damage

Laptop Broken Hinges

Laptop Keyboard problem

Laptop motherboard problem

Laptop panel problem

Laptop on/off switch problem

Laptop Dc Pin problem

Laptop Wifi problem

Laptop touchpad problem

Laptop speaker problem

Laptop camera problem

Laptop SSD problem

Laptop pcosser IC problem

MAC Laptop Service



IT consulting

Operating system & software

Computer upgrades

Computer cleaning

Clean-up and optimisation

Problem diagnosis

Computer customisation

Repair and maintenance

Virus and malware removal

Screen replacement

Bga Rework Service

Bga Works

Bios Password Reset

Chip Level Repairing

Laptop Repair

Computer Service Center

Customer Service Support

Customer Support

Data Migration

Data Transfer

Database Recovery

Dell Support

Dell laptop service center

Door Step Service

Fans Replacement

File Recovery

Hard Disk Service And Data Recovery

Hard Drive Failure

Hard Drive Recovery

Hard Drive Recovery Services

Hard Drive Replacement

Hard Drive Upgrade

Hinge Repair



OS Installation

Operating system & software

Laptop upgrades

New laptop setup

Laptop cleaning

Problem diagnosis

Data backup & recovery

Repair and maintenance

Virus and malware removal

Server support

Software Installation

Screen replacement

Hardware & software installation

Battery Replacement

Blue Screen

Chiplevel Service

Computer Freezes

Hinges Rework

Home Services

Keyboard Replacement

Motherboard Issues

Motherboard Repair

Motherboard Repair And Replacement

On Button

Power Chip

Spare Parts

Warranty Check

MSi Laptop Service

Gaming Laptop Service


Battery Replacement


Boot Service

Broken Screen

Screen issues

Chip Level Motherboard Services

Chip Level Servicing

Cracked Screen

Data Recover Service

Data Recovery Service

Update Service

Usb Hubs

Without Warranty Repair

Water Damage

Water Damage Service

Wifi Issues

Wifi Repair

Wifi Service



Laptop restarting / hanging solution

Touch pad replacement

Bottom / Top panel replacement

Windows booting slow fixing



Hp Support

Inverter Service

Keyboard Repair

Keyboard Replacement

Lcd Screen Service

Lenovo Service

Malware Removal

Memory Replaced

Memory Upgrade

Motherboard Chip Level Service

Motherboard Replacement

Notebook Service

Operating System Install

Pick And Drop Service

Raminfotech Laptop service center


Sony Service

Touch Pad Repair

Trojan And Spyware Removal

Troubleshoot And Repair

Virus Removal

Windows Repair

Wireless Connection




Installing operating system

Keypad Service

Laptop Booting problem

Laptop Hinges Service

Laptop Motherboard Service

Laptop Service center

Laptop keyboard replacement

Lenovo Laptop service

Mac Laptop Service

Removing password

Screen Repair / Replacement

Sony Service center

chip level Repair

keyboard repair

laptop Repair


Clean-up and optimisation

Computer cleaning

Computer upgrades

Data backup & recovery

Operating system & software

Problem diagnosis

Repair and maintenance

Computer Sale And Service

Accessories Service

Battery Replacement

Chip Level Repair

Dell Service

Dell Service Center

Hardware Upgrades

Hinges Rework

Keyboard Repair

Memory Upgrade

Motherboard Repair

Same Day Service

Screen Replacement

Systems Services

Screen replacement

Computer Service


Ram Upgradation

From ₹2,000.00


Hinges panel Repair / rework

From ₹1,200.00


Bottom panel repair / rework

From ₹1,200.00


Touchpad panel repair / rework

From ₹900.00


Motherboard repalcement

From ₹8,000.00


Hard disk replacement

From ₹4,000.00


Touch pad not working repair

From ₹600.00


Display cable replace

From ₹900.00


All branded Laptop battery replace

From ₹3,000.00


All branded charger ( adaptor) sale

From ₹1,200.00


Laptop blue screen error fixing

From ₹400.00


PC ran into problem solution

From ₹400.00


laptop keyboard

A laptop keyboard is the primary input device for a laptop computer. It is a compact version of a traditional desktop...  More


Laptop Battery

Laptop batteries can be made of various types of cells such as Lithium-ion (Li-ion) or Nickel-Cadmium (NiCad), among...  More


Laptop adapter

A laptop adapter, also known as a laptop charger or power supply, is a device that provides power to a laptop computer....  More


From ₹1,500.00

Laptop Mother Board

The laptop motherboard, also known as the mainboard or system board, is the primary printed circuit board (PCB) that...  More


Laptop Sdd

Laptop SSDs offer several advantages over traditional hard drives. They are faster, more reliable, and consume less...  More


Laptop Ram

Laptop RAM (Random Access Memory) is a type of computer memory that is used to temporarily store data that the computer...  More


Laptop Fan

A laptop fan is a component that is responsible for keeping the laptop's internal components cool by dissipating heat


Laptop Hinges

Laptop hinges are the mechanical components that attach the laptop screen to the base of the laptop.


Laptop Display

The laptop display cable, also known as the video cable or LCD cable, is a component that connects the laptop's screen


Laptop Display Cable

If a laptop display cable becomes damaged or is not functioning properly, it can cause problems with the display,


Antivirus installation

We strongly suggest K7 Total security for best security.Also we provide Kaspersky,McAfee, and much more.Types are as...  More

From ₹600.00


Wifi card replacement


Wifi not working repair

We try to repair your laptop wifi card itself by two ways 1. Installing new drivers or operating software. 2.Cleaning...  More

From ₹600.00


Ssd Hard Disk

A laptop SSD (Solid State Drive) is a storage device that uses flash memory to store data. Unlike traditional hard...  More


Trackpad Repaired

A trackpad is a touch-sensitive input device that allows a laptop user to control the cursor on the screen without the...  More



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Battery Service

Dell Laptop service


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Laptop Repair

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laptop repair Center

lenovo service center

mac service center

apple service center

acer service center


Data recovery

Ssd Recovery

Wd Data Recovery

Seagate Hard Disk Data Recovery

Mac Data Recovery


Flash/USB drives

SD cards

Corrupt file recovery

Camera cards

RAID arrays

Data backup services


External drives


Server data recovery

CDs and DVDs

Solid-state drives

Removable media and tapes

Hard drives

Data backup & recovery


Sd Card Data Recovery

Spare Parts

Ssd Data Recovery

Usb Hard Drive Recovery

Usb Hard Drive Repair

Warranty Check

Wd Data Recovery

Products List

Products List


1.       Laptop Chip Level Services

2.        Broken Laptop Services

       3. Laptop BGA Rework

       4. Laptop Keyboard Replacement Services

       5. Laptop Diplay Replacement Services

       6. Laptop Hinges Rework Services

       7. Laptop Panel Replacement  Services

       8. Laptop Battery Replacement Services

       9. Laptop Upgrade Services

       10. Laptop Virus Remove Services




1.       Laptop Battery

2.       Laptop Display

3.       Laptop Charger(Adapter)

4.       Laptop keyboard

5.       Laptop panel

6.       Laptop RAM

7.       Laptop SSD

8.       Laptop Fan

9.       Laptop Touchpad

10.   Laptop Hinges


Data Recovery

1.        Harddisk Data Recovery

2.       Mac/Apple Data Recovery

       3. Pendrive Data Recovery

       4. Memory Card Data Recovery

       5. Server Data Recovery

      6. RAID Data Recovery

      7. NAS Data Recovery

      8. CF Card data Recovery

9.  SSD Data Recovery

10. Flash Drive Data Recovery



Bios Password

1.       Apple Laptop Bios password Remove

2.       Dell Laptop Bios password Remove

3.       Acer Laptop Bios password Remove

4.       Asus Laptop Bios password Remove

5.       Toshiba Laptop Bios password Remove

6.       Lenovo Laptop Bios password Remove

7.       Hp Laptop Bios password Remove

8.       Sony Laptop Bios password Remove

9.       Samsung Laptop Bios password Remove

10.   Redmi Laptop Bios password Remove



Free Pickup Delivery

1.       Free Pickup & Delivery (Up to 5km)



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