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  • July 8, 2019
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How to Reset Windows 10 Password Easily 100% Working

How to reset windows 10 password if you forgot it. If you forgot your windows 10 password then it is not that hard to reset, I will show you easiest method to reset windows 10 password. You need to have a flash drive or Windows 10 DVD if you have the flash drive then download the iso file of Windows 10 and create a bootable flash drive. (See video link at bottom) Steps to Reset Windows 10 Password.

1. First, insert your bootable flash drive having Windows 10 Or Windows 10 DVD.

2. Restart your computer, while restarting you need to press the boot key on your keyboard. Boot key differs from computer manufacturer For HP F9 Dell F2 Or find it on Google (For custom build PC find the boot key for your motherboard).

3. After pressing boot key you’ll get a boot menu, from there select your boot media. 4. Press any key to boot from your Windows 10 media.

5. Select your language and keyboard input method and hit Next.

6. Click “Repair your Computer.

7. Click Troubleshoot – Advanced Options – Command Prompt.

8. Navigate to Windows 10 installation drive.

9. Type cd windows hit Enter Type cd system32 hit Enter

10. Type ren utliman.exe utilman_bak.exe  

Type   : copy cmd.exe utilman.exe

11. Restart your computer. 1

2. Click on ease of access icon and it will launch the command prompt.

13. Type control userpasswords2 hit Enter.

14. From the user account menu, Reset windows 10 password. Exit the command prompt and login to Windows 10. Steps to revert the changes – 1. Navigate to the system32 folder and delete utilman file. 2. Rename utilman_bak to utilman after getting the permission.

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